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Title Location Job ID
Business Analyst Kansas City, KS 7525
UX Designer Omaha, NE 7522
Test Engineer Omaha, NE 7521
Network/Systems Administrator Olathe, Kansas 7520
Help Desk Associate Lenexa, Kansas 7517
System Engineer Lenexa, Kansas 7516
Superintendent of Substation – Relays Kansas City, KS 7511
Director of Engineering Lenexa, Kansas 7506
Technical Implementation Consultant Lenexa, Kansas 7505
Application Security Engineer Lenexa, Kansas 7504
Software Engineer (VB.NET) Lenexa, Kansas 7503
Software Engineer Lenexa, Kansas 7502
Senior .Net Developer Lenexa, Kansas 7501
Regional Sales Manager Blue Springs, MO 7500
Scrum Master Topeka, KS 7495
SharePoint Developer Kansas City, MO 7493
PHP Developer Overland Park, KS 7492
Sr. Database Administrator Kansas City, MO 7486
Team Lead Developer Lee's Summit, MO 7483
Senior Application Developer Lee's Summit, MO 7479
Application Developer Lee's Summit, MO 7478
Technical Support Representative Lee's Summit, MO 7470
Automation Engineer Kansas City, MO 7456
Project Manager Kansas City, MO 7448
Lead Java Developer Lenexa, KS 7447
Sr SharePoint Developer Lee's Summit, MO 7444
End User Technical Support Overland Park, KS 7437
CIP Compliance Analyst Kansas City, KS 7431
CIP Compliance Engineer Kansas City, KS 7430
Salesforce Developer Kansas City, MO 7428
.NET Developer Kansas City, MO 7427
Security Analyst Lenexa, KS 7422
Security Engineer Omaha, NE 7421
Technical Support Representative Liberty, MO 7418
Middleware Administrator KC, MO 7415
Java Developer Omaha, NE 7409
Java Developer Omaha, NE 7408
RPG Developer Omaha, NE 7407
SAP Business Analyst Kansas City, MO 7402
Senior Network Engineer Omaha, NE 7400
Desktop Support Technician schaumburg , IL 7399
Application Architect Omaha, NE 7393
Data Modeler Omaha, NE 7392
ETL Developer Omaha, NE 7391
Application Programmer Kansas City, MO 7388
Build and Release Engineer Lenexa, KS 7381
Quality Analyst Engineer Lenexa, KS 7380
QA Analyst Omaha, NE 7379
Web Developer Omaha, NE 7378
Web Developer Omaha, NE 7377
User Interface Designer Omaha, NE 7376
Network Security Analyst Kansas City, KS 7368
Application Security Analyst Kansas City, MO 7350
Sr Web Developer Columbia, MO 7319
Business Analytics Designer Kansas City, MO 7281
Web Developer Lenexa, KS 6769
Software Engineer Lenexa, KS 6768
Software Engineer Lenexa, KS 6767
Technical Recruiter Overland Park, KS 6464

Contractor Benefits

Contractor Benefits

Our consultants, like our clients, are our lifeblood. As employment advisors, we’re there to understand how your current project is progressing, address and resolve any problems before they escalate, and help you adjust to shifts in your career path. We find our emphasis on consultant contact lowers turnover and increases your chance of transition to full-time employment with our clients, or into future contracts.


Employees may elect to participate in the company’s healthcare plan, in which the company invests in the employee’s coverage.

Matching 401k Plan

Upon one year of service, employees are eligible to participate in the company’s matching 401k plan.

Paid Holidays

Typically, after 90 calendar days, employees are entitled to receive pay for the following six holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Employees will be paid via direct deposit.

Paid Time Off

Employees are entitled to personal days after working for one calendar year, or 2,080 hours (whichever comes first).

Legal Consultation

Employees can consult with Advantage Tech’s on site legal counsel about employment issues.

Employee Referral Program

Employee Referral Program

The Advantage Tech employee referral program allows you to submit recommendations for qualified friends, family members or acquaintances and get rewards for doing so! Help us build a stronger team, help someone you know and reap rewards at the same time. There’s no reason not to participate!

Here’s why the Employee Referral Program makes good business sense

Advantage Tech is more likely to receive qualified referrals from employees, who know the kind of workers and skills we need. It is a cost-effective way to receive referrals of highly qualified individuals.

How the Program works

How the Program works:

  1. If you know someone who may fit an open IT position listed under “Current Openings” on the Advantage Tech website, contact any of our technical recruiters and let them know that you want to make a referral and be eligible for the referral incentive.
  2. Provide the resume of the prospective referral to any of our technical recruiters.
  3. If the individual is selected for the position, Advantage Tech will pay you a referral bonus of $50 to $1,000 (depending on skills and years of experience) after the individual has been employed by Advantage Tech for three consecutive months.
The following employees are NOT eligible for participating in the Employee Referral Program
  • Anyone involved in the hiring, selecting or supervising of the referred candidate.
  • Officers and directors