Appl. Sys. Arch. – Oracle

Position Title:  Application System Architect – Oracle

Definition of System Architect

The application system architect role is vital to the successful definition, design, delivery, and support of any IT software project. An application system architect analyzes and recommends the right combination of IT components to achieve a specific business, department, team, or functional goal.

The application system architect objectively analyze desired processes and outcomes. Based on that analysis they provide guidance on the right combination of existing IT resources and new solutions to achieve those goals.

A application system architect works with others to come up with the best ideas and solutions.

The application system architect works at several different levels in IT, from high-level business strategy to low-level project consulting.

•  At the highest level, application system architects help to define and decide the right IT strategy and approach that will best support long-term business plans and goals.

•  At the medium level, application system architects advise on the best tools, hardware, software, and other IT elements to achieve mid-term departmental and functional objectives.

•  At the lowest level, application system architects consult with and advise project teams on the specific software, hardware, and other elements needed to deliver defined IT project outcomes.

An application system architect’s role can be split into five areas:

1.Understand the desired business or departmental strategy and outcome.

2.  Break down those outcomes into defined parts including products, processes and functions.

3.  Decide on the right architecture to achieve what they have defined.

4.  Understand software, hardware and user interactions, integrations, and interfaces.  Advise project teams on implementing their recommended solutions.

 Responsibilities and Knowledge

Many of the responsibilities require knowledge in the following areas.
•   Business analysis
•   Project management
•   Business processes and products of Allied National

•  Database design and related such as entity relationship diagramming and relational database normalization

•   Program and programming language design as well as program language code formatting conventions; Best practices.

•Relational database performance.

The person in this position will spend a lot of time working with software developers to guide them in producing the best solutions and high quality results.  This person has a vision of what a high quality system looks like, is a mentor to staff and promotes discipline with the software developers concerning all aspects of the development processes. Otherwise, this person will perform the following functions.

· Produce written business analysis

· Determine the database design

·  Assist developers in program design

Quality review and development advise: 

Program logic, Program formatting

Screen design

Report design

o   Documentation

o   Program testing techniques


o  Instilling discipline such as describing how a program will be designed before writing code.

o Use of programming language commands.

o  Code design – how best to go about solving a problem.

o  Error handling practices.

o Separation of presentation layer from business logic layer from database.

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