Application Developer

Advantage Tech is seeking an Application Developer in our Kansas City, MO office.

The Application Developer will be responsible for automating and optimizing the client’s data extraction, transformation, loading, reporting and visualization processes. The Developer is also responsible for maintaining, configuring, and growing the capabilities of the client’s proprietary event tracking .js tag, which allows them to track website session data for our clients.

This individual must be resourceful, analytical and prepared to adapt strategies based on customer demand and dynamic priorities.


  • Design, implement, and continuously expand data pipelines by performing extraction, transformation, and loading activities
  • Design, implement and continuously expand onsite event tracking capabilities
  • Gather requirements and business process knowledge in order to transform data in a way that’s geared towards the needs of internal and external clients
  • Assist in data visualization and reporting efforts as required by clients
  • Maintain and improve already existing processes and database schema
  • Ensure that the data architecture is scalable and maintainable
  • Work with the business in designing and delivering correct, high quality data
  • Investigate data to identify potential issues within ETL pipelines, notify end-users and propose adequate solutions
  • Prepare documentation for further reference

Candidate Details:

  • Quickly learn new tools by deconstructing how they work. Be able to create and expand capabilities of tools by re-configuring them to solve specific and novel use cases.
  • Observe and understand repeatable and standardized manual processes in order to automate the processes themselves or the validation thereof.
  • Employ strong interpersonal communication skills. Foster relationships with the client's team and maintain excellent relationships with partners.
  • Work closely with clients and internal teams to ensure data is captured, transformed, enhanced and presented as efficiently as possible. Ensure key project goals are met and escalate any issues that could impact the project.

Technical Skills:

  • Approximately 2-4 years of related industry experience
  • SQL knowledge (query performance tuning, index maintenance, etc.) as well as an understanding of database structure
  • Collaborative Filter Models
  • Node.js (server side) and JavaScript (client side) fluency
  • Knowledge of data modeling principles
  • Organizational skills: time management and planning
  • Working knowledge of AWS, GCP, and/or Google Cloud Platform and BiqQuery structure
  • High attention to detail
  • Passionate about complex data structures and problem solving
  • Ability to pick up new data tools and concepts quickly
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