Data Engineer – ETL

This large insurance company is adding to their team.  This company has been notated as one of the best companies to work for and has very low turnover.  

I. SCOPE OF JOB:  Under the direction of the Sr Manager, System, implements designs, develops, tests, and maintains the ETL scripts and jobs that are required to extract, transform, clean, and move data and metadata so that it can be loaded into a data warehouse, data mart, or operational data store. 

II. PREPARATION REQUIRED:  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MIS or related field or equivalent experience is required.  Post graduate degree or coursework a plus.  Minimum of 3 years IT experience to include at least 1 year experience required in data warehousing, relational database management systems, multi-dimensional database management systems.  


It is our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations for the products we market and the services we provide.  This must be accomplished for the Company to be successful.  Every employee must understand this goal and how their job assists the Company in its achievement.  Further, the accuracy and timeliness of the information produced will have a direct impact on critical corporate decisions on products we market and customers we market to.  For this position this means:

Focus:  To ensure accurate, timely and actionable information is produced by utilizing the appropriate data warehousing architecture and implementing appropriate data marts, as well as supporting other file transformation.

Standards:  Ensures data warehousing and operational functionality is consistent with the overall Corporate Data architecture.  


Physical Environment:  Standard office environment; approximate PC use over 90%.

Travel:  May travel out of town to attend seminars, workshops, etc. (1 to 2 times per year).

Work Schedule:  Standard work schedule (40.0 hours per week).  May be required to be on-call evenings and weekends on an assigned basis.  May need to work in excess of standard work schedule.

Quantifiable Data:  Indeterminate.


V. JOB QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics):

  • Demonstrated knowledge of at least one ETL tool such as IBM InfoSphere DataStage (or comparable ETL tool) is required.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Data Warehousing data population techniques for target structures such as Star Schemas, Snowflake Schemas, highly normalized data models, and file structures.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of source to target mappings.
  • Demonstrates relational database knowledge; possesses a broad understanding of the current and prospective data architecture, and database performance tuning.
    Experience with programming languages such as UNIX scripting, Java, or COBOL is desirable.
  • Demonstrates ETL staging environment development skills and strong SQL programming skills in a DB2 environment.
  • Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills. Has ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with external and internal personnel.  Must be customer focused and excel in coordination of problem resolution.
  • Flexibility to work in a changing, fast-paced environment and work with a sense of urgency and accountability.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies is desirable.
  • Rotational On-Call support is expected.


Rank/%                                                        JOB DUTY                                                                                            


  • Maps source system data to data warehouse models or other file transformations (source to target mappings).
  • Works with business systems analysts and business team members to understand source systems data and data quality issues/performs data quality analysis.
  • Defines and captures metadata and rules associated with ETL processes.

STANDARDS: Data quality issues and risks are identified and mitigated early in the development cycle.


  • Develops complex ETL processes.
  • Creates ETL processes that supports business functionality, performs well, and is easily supported.
  • Creates scripts when necessary.
  • Follows ETL standards, goals, and objectives.
  • Works with teammates to define and resolve complex data warehouse or file transformation project issues.
  • Adapts extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) processes to accommodate changes in source systems and new business user requirements
  • Completes work according to the iteration plan or release plan.
  • Participates in ETL Code Reviews, receives acceptance of code by peers at review.
  • Tests (unit level, integration level, system level, and user acceptance level) complex ETL processes.
  • Works with testing team in order to assist them with their testing processes.
  • Assists with testing upgrades; identifies errors or inconsistencies with vendors’ software applied to Company’s data environment. 

STANDARDS: ETL processes are developed according to project schedule with a high level of quality.


  • Follows Change Management/Configuration Management processes for the deployment of code into test and production environments.
  • Works with teammates to define and resolve complex data warehouse or file transformation production issues. 
  • Troubleshoots data problems.  Identifies, coordinates and helps resolve the root cause of day to day data production issues.
  • Supports client areas in their analytical functions; corrects errors/resolves problems associated with data warehouse processes and other file transformations.
  • Provides rotational on-call support, responding quickly to production issues.

STANDARDS: ETL code is moved according to the standard process and all development audit points are delivered. Production systems are given the priority needed to keep them stable and issues are resolved quickly.


  • Creates basic to moderate physical designs of ETL processes. For smaller projects, this may be the only design. For larger projects, this may be based on a higher level logical design.
  • Employs cost effective techniques in design of physical ETL processes to meet immediate and future business needs.
  • Participates in ETL process design / sizing estimates for mid-sized data warehousing projects or other file transformations
  • Designs data solutions to satisfy business information needs and receive design acceptance.

STANDARDS: ETL processes comply with standards and architecture.


  • Works collaboratively with the application development resources, all data team resources, systems analysts, and with client areas.
  • Develops relationships though a team environment by creating vertical and horizontal communication avenues to ensure cooperative efforts are established.

STANDARDS:  Team relationships are essential in a fast-paced, Agile environment. Verbal and written communication skills assist in these team relationships.



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