Data Engineer II/III

Advantage Tech is hiring for a Mid or Senior Data Engineer to join their client's team based out of Kansas City, Mo.

The data engineering team is responsible for data integrity and availability for crucial systems at the client, and serves as a primary resource for data expertise.

The ideal Data Engineer is a hybrid of DevOps engineering, Software engineering, and Database engineering, focused on building advanced data warehousing and transformation systems.



Part of your responsibilities as a Data Engineer will be provisioning advanced data transformations through batch and streaming ETL systems.  You will build and scale data warehouse systems while maintaining security standards and you will analyze and develop data architecture requirements, determine the feasibility of designs, and implement software solutions best suited for the client’s processes.

You will also support processes to allow automated deployment of schema changes in conjunction with DevOps deployment model.  You will work to maintain a self-starter mindset in terms of data process and architecture improvements, with plenty of professional development opportunities to help take you to the next level of your career.


Skills Needed:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience
  • 2+ years of Data Engineering experience
  • Experience with the Python language; it’s design, base libraries, built-in features, and how it compares to other languages
  • Exposure to Python data engineering libraries, including pandas and pyspark
  • Experience with SQL and data warehouse tools such as AWS Athena
  • Experience with batch processing tools such as AWS Batch or AWS Glue, or other DAG systems
  • Real-time processing tools such as AWS Kinesis and AWS Firehose
  • Intermediate data modeling and architecture design
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