Dev Ops Engineer

Are you looking for a place to call home where you can work with a great team and have a great boss?  Work with developers and build up a dev ops team to build best practices for config management.  

Job:  Supports software and hardware design, building, testing deployment and operational support phases to ensure developers have appropriate workspaces and available artifacts.  Supports management commitment to ensure successful CM and Release activities are communicated and understood throughout the company.  Supports Change Management boards and works to ensure that environments facilitate product review, change, and defect tracking activities. 


  • Strong knowledge of distributed software requirements processes, documentation requirements, and development lifecycle.  Knowledge of industry best practices associated with Service Management, Release Management, and software development. 
  • Ability to utilize PC software packages, such as Windows, Microsoft Office, service management tools and databases, change and configuration management tools, and Agile methodologies.
  • Experience with Change Management and Configuration Management automation/tools is required.
  • Ability to effectively work with technical and management professionals.
  • Ability to support enterprise-wide and project specific change and Configuration Management policies and procedures.
  • Strong attention-to-detail with ability to recognize problems, document, identify possible causes, and determine corrective actions.
  • Ability to advocate the benefits associated with implementation of an enterprise-wide and project-level Change Management, Configuration Management, and Release Management processes.
  • Ability to work under stress and support critical activities as needed

Immediate interviews and ready to hire!  #advantagetech 

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