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Full Stack Engineer

JOB TITLE: Full Stack Engineer- Python & React
Direct Hire
Bachelor’s required

As the primary engineer, the role encompasses architecting and shaping the software landscape. It involves handling a diverse range of technologies, from frontend and backend development to DevOps, SQL, Cloud Engineering, EDI, and data analytics. This position presents an opportunity to lead, innovate, and expand expertise across multiple tech stacks, making tangible impacts.


  • Overseeing the operational status of tools and ensuring system stability.
  • Engaging in software engineering, using React for frontend and GoLang (or Python) for backend development.
  • Utilizing SQL and occasionally Python for system reporting and dataset creation.
  • Debugging to rectify data anomalies and ensuring the release of quality code.
  • Leveraging CI/CD and infrastructure-as-code tools for seamless code deployments.
  • Expand benefit knowledge and skills by participating in thought leadership and/or deepening specialized knowledge about topics including, but not limited to, healthcare, health plans, benefit plans, ERISA, healthcare compliance, etc.
  • Support a team-based environment that reinforces the company’s values.


  • Proven experience in crafting full-stack web applications.
  • Comprehensive software engineering skills.
  • Deep understanding of EDI standards and practices.
  • Mastery in SQL, especially for reporting and analytics.
  • Ability to independently work and adapt, while actively seeking feedback.
  • Experience with Google Cloud or AWS.
  • Familiarity with Healthcare Data and Industry.
  • CI/CD proficiency, especially with GitHub Actions.
  • Knowledge of web application security.
  • Candidates with Healthcare or TPA backgrounds will be prioritized. 


  • Frontend: React, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Backend: Golang (or Python)
  • DevOps: Cloud Engineering, Kubernetes, Terraform, and best practices
  • Database & Data: SQL, EDI standards, and implementations
  • Other: Git, CLI
#advantagetech #python #react
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