Patch Mgmt. Specialist

Job Role:  Patch Management Specialist

High Level Technical Skills/Experience Required:

  • Exceptional interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team-oriented environment. 
  • Expertise with Microsoft Office tools, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Must possess the ability to independently perform analysis of information and summarization of findings.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate complex technical concepts in an easily understood format.
  • Ability to comprehend installation/technical manuals.
  • Commitment to provide excellent customer service.
  • Must be a self-starter and take initiative.
  • Must be able to protect and respect the data confidentiality.
  • Must possess scripting language knowledge and skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux and Windows Server.
  • Understanding of the Office 365 environment along with the security and compliance solutions provided by Office 365.
  • Understanding of complex technical environments, dependencies between systems, and impacts related to changes in such an environment.
  • Understanding of current tooling (e.g., Microsoft SCCM, RedHat Satellite server, Terraform, Bash and PowerShell Scripting) for both Windows and Linux servers and desktop systems.

Hiring Manager Internal Testing:

Tests will be taken upon in person interview here at the offices.  We will have questions about analysis of patches and how to discover the dependencies and incompatibilities.  Prioritization and attention to detail questions along with research processes.

1. Linux Administration test

2. Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Administration test

Include the day-in-the- life of your team, again see the attached job description first, then

  • Ensures the patching policy requirements are up to date.
  • Monitors incoming patches from vendors and preforms initial assessment.
    Hosts a weekly meeting with applicable groups to review new patches and set priority.
  • Working with Security team, creates and executes a scoring process that balances patch criticality and service impacts.
  • Works with Security team to document policies, process and procedures.
  • Ensures patches are being applied at the right time without jeopardizing system stability.
  • Places a critical emphasis on remediating exploited vulnerabilities.
  • Validates patching results using metrics and dashboards from Tenable Security Center on the patching process.
  • Ensures exceptions are documented, tracked for expiration and the Security team approves the exceptions requested.
  • Ensures patches are consistently applied across groups.
  • Working with Security, ensures scanning and monitoring systems are producing good and consistent results.
  • Monitors for missing patches.
  • Drives ongoing improvements in the process and works to automate components of the patching processes.
  • Manages the patching schedule – including test and production systems.
  • Works with applicable groups to maintain and improve upon configuration management strategies utilizing current tooling (e.g., Microsoft SCCM, RedHat Satellite server, Terraform, Bash and PowerShell Scripting) for both Windows and Linux servers and desktop systems.
  • Develops processes to ensure IT assets are configured to match an optimized, stable, and secure benchmark prior to going live.
  • Creates patch scripts and automation for vulnerabilities and benchmark settings as needed.
  • Governance of the Configuration Management Database and information.
  • Works with application areas on security issues identified in code scans, setting priorities for the discovered security issues.
  • Works with teams to plan, coordinate and communicate all large changes to production systems with all necessary parties.
  • Ensures security and compliance of the Office 365 environment as defined by Security team requirements.
  • Defines and delivers reports on security and compliance of the Office 365 environment.
  • Leads the cloud cost control work with 3rd party vendor, working with teams to recommend cloud cost optimizations. 
  • Defines and delivers reports to teams on cloud costs.
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