Payroll Analyst

Payroll Analyst
1. Time and Labor Expert – Offers support and direction for training new employees and managers:
   a. Audits and maintains compliance
   b. Advises on rule set up and specific Oracle functions (holiday, PTO accruals, yearend     conversion, etc.)
   c. Leads team in testing new rules and procedures providing approval for install
   d. Initial analysis and recommendation of future releases for employee
   e. Maintains payroll flows in Oracle
   f. Maintains all work rules in Time and Labor for non-union employees
2. Salary Payroll – processes semi-monthly, provides analysis for proper payments and makes recommendations to HR and Benefit Department as needed.
3. Executive/Special Payrolls – provides analysis and reports various stock awards, spousal travel, miscellaneous earnings, processes retention agreements and executive contracts.
4. Union Payroll – processes early/late close payroll, provides analysis for proper payments. 
5. Severance Pay – tracks and maintains severance pay for company employees while partnering with HR to provide timely execution of payment and PTO. Determines timely payment based on state specific rules.
6. Processes relocations for YRC.
7. Deceased employee payments – supports terminals and family in completion of affidavit, taxing determination and payment.
8. Processes frozen vacation payments – for hourly population.
9. Processes off-cycle payrolls as needed to meet contractual and state requirements.
10. Processes Third Party sick payments in Oracle, and awards.
11. Additional duties:  
   a. Time and Labor payroll backup
   b. Tax back up 
   c. 401k backup

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