PC & Equipment Technician

IT PC & Equipment Administrator
Reports to and takes direction from Director, IT and Quality Assurance.
Companies: Jacobson Holdings, Inc., TAFS, Inc., TA Logistics, Inc., Olathe Noble Equipment “ONE”
Leasing, Inc. and TransAm Trucking, Inc.
General Responsibilities
-Sets up and configures computers for new and transferred employees including the installation of
appropriate software consistent with the requirements of the job.
-Configures, installs, and maintains hardware elements such as printers, monitors, laptops,
copiers, cell phones, desk phones, video conferencing equipment, etc.
-Responds in a timely manner to help desk tickets and provides software technical assistance and
support to end users.
-Monitors equipment inventory. Plans for and schedules equipment upgrades within company
-Assists with physically moving user’s PCs, monitors and other devices when necessary.
-Develops instructional programs and conducts training for computer users when releasing new
software on an as needed basis.
-Refers major hardware or software problems or defective products to vendors or technicians for
-Reads and understands technical manuals to confer with users and conducts computer
diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems.
-Ensures copiers are fully functional. Fixes basic issues and schedules service for other issues on
a timely basis.
-Coordinates and communicates equipment problems with outside repair vendors.
-Reads trade magazines and technical manuals and attends conferences and seminars to maintain
knowledge of hardware and software.
-Provides new application ideas to all areas of the company where new technology can be utilized
to gain better efficiency and improve company productivity.
-Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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