Sr. Configuration Engineer

Do you have Dev Ops experience and ready to come to a cutting edge technology shop?  Do you have 6 years of config/change/release management, working knowledge of GIT, Nexus, knowledge of Agileand working experience in Jenkins and IBM Urban Code?  This is your next home!

  1. Develop and implement Change Management (CM) processes
  2. Oversee the CM process to control change while improving quality, reducing risk, and utilizing resources
  3. Assist in development, implementation and operation of holistic CM procedures and architecture
  4. Support software and hardware design, building, testing deployment, and operational support phases to ensure developers have appropriate workspaces and available artifacts 
  5. Advocate for clear and easy-to-understand communication of change initiatives throughout company
  6. Train, mentor and coach staff
  7. Support Configuration Engineers with input, advice, and recommendations regarding CM challenges 

This position offers great growth opportunity and is a great steward of our community!  Reach out for more info!  #advantagetech 

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