Sr JavaScript Developer


Advantage Tech is looking for a highly skilled JavaScript developer to join in on some exciting growth within our client! 

On your first day we’ll expect you to have:

  • 5+ years of experience building and maintaining a production B2B web application
  • Proven experience building responsive, intuitive, and beautiful user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (we use React, GraphQL, Webpack, Rollup, and more)
  • Experienced building single-page applications with JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Owned a front-end application for one or more products or services and served as a technical lead or architect on the same

Once you start, we’ll expect you to:

  • Provide technical leadership and collaborate on developing and maintaining standards
  • Conduct code reviews and give feedback to ensure high standards of code and maintainability
  • Practice healthy code disciplines and practices like pair coding and test-driven development
  • Translate product requirements into stable, working, high-performant web applications

Coming in, we’d hope you have these things on lock-down:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • ECMAScript Standards and APIs (we’ll ask you about TC39 and expect an answer)
  • CI/CD Automation (we use CircleCI)
  • Microservices/Cloud architecture (you haven’t heard what we’re using)
  • Any front-end UI framework/library (we use React, but expect us to ask you why you use what you use)
  • API design and architecture (we use GraphQL in Golang and Node.js, but some of us really like REST with JSON:API)
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Agile (we use Scrum)

Bonus points for the following:

  • Experience writing cross-platform mobile apps (we use React Native)
  • An obsession with build tooling (like Babel, Rollup, or Webpack)
  • Strong opinions on Node module resolution and Yarn 2
  • Experience (and opinions) on versioning, deployment, and release automation for front end apps
  • Experience building and maintaining a design system

Work environment and physical demands:

The normal stuff, a chair, keyboard, and no unusual physical demands. If you need to stand to work, we can probably hook you up.

Education and experience:

Bachelor’s degree is a must and a Masters would be swell. It’d be cool if was in Computer Science or a similar field, but our team is from a variety of backgrounds, so non-traditional is solid too.

5+ years of programming experience, with the dominant experience being web development with JavaScript.



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